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Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

marlo thomas plastic surgery before and after photos

Marlo Thomas, a gorgeous Hollywood celebrities and the stone superstar of 60s That Gal has undergone a busy collection of cosmetic surgeries over the years in an effort to permanently keep her appearances that made her slip into countless hearts during her teenagers.

Marlo Thomas plastic surgical treatment has been a much disputed subject among cosmeticians, medical professionals, beauty therapists and also media males. Although Diane Sawyer plastic surgery that she has actually never openly confessed the adjustments in her appearance, everyone in Hollywood as well as her follower club throughout the globe highly believes that she has come under knife sometimes.

The 77-year-old actress and also manufacturer started with nose task just before the start of her groundbreaking part in the comedy, That Female, which was broadcast during 1966-1971. Marlo obtained great objection for this preliminary surgical treatment for the reality that she obtained it overdone and also, resultant, made her nose thinner.

Later on in 70s as well as 80s, Marlo dug deep into plastic surgical treatment therapies and got breast implant, facelift, face fillers, brow lift as well as botox treatments. The results of all these medical jobs are visible over her face clearly.

It is claimed that Marlo routinely gets botox shots in a proposal to make her skin tight. This is the factor that her face looks smooth and also wrinkle totally free even in this age. Nevertheless, some cosmeticians believe that she overdoses with her skin as well as it makes her look fairly unnatural. This clings some degree. If you have a look over Marlo s face, all of it looks fabricated.

Amongst all surgical therapies, Marlo s bust enhancement has been one of the most effective one until now. It has actually aided her preserve appealing appearance to a fantastic degree.

The starlet brows have likewise considerably altered after cosmetic surgery. In pre-surgery images, they look fairly various. Same holds true with her lips that appear to have actually looked at a lot of filler therapy. In an effort to look young and fresh, Marlo Thomas has actually totally transformed her appearance, especially the face. It is even tough to identify her in some cases when you see her post-surgery pictures. This is totally a brand-new girl witch fairly different face functions.

With the environment of competitors as well as race for success looming in Hollywood fields, acquiring plastic surgical procedure treatments has actually come to be rather common amongst silver screen females that are constantly curious to offer themselves as young, fresh and attractive.

Adhering to Marlo Thomas cosmetic surgery, numerous various other celebs are additionally having fun with their skins. It would certainly not be wrong to state that the old woman with more youthful appearances has provided a wish to her fellows that they could quickly conceal their ages as well as the adjustments that come along with ageing. She has successfully verified that age is not a barrier in any sort of woman s professional career and also looking youthful all the time is not a big problem supplied you are all set to bear severe blade cuts as well as agonizing injections.

Erica Durance Plastic Surgery

erica durance plastic surgery

She is a young starlet as well as a Canadian manufacturer. She is additionally most effectively called an effective starlet who obtained the popularity via Smallville collection in which she was portrayed as a Lois Street personality. The girl who was birthed in 1978 is recently being reported that she has actually acquired some functions done to enhance her image. This gorgeous actress whose intense smile, blinking eyes, as well as streaming blond hair, is meant to have boob augmentation, nose surgery, as well as perhaps various other plastic surgical treatment treatments. Although she rejects all those reports, but Erica Durance Plastic surgical treatment before and after photos could not hide regarding the facts.

Her brand-new nose form also looks unusual; it now looks more sculpted, thinner, as well as smaller sized. She perhaps has actually obtained a nose job as well to make her nose appearance in such method. You can view this her lips due to the fact that they look a lot more plumped up compared to they did before, you could guess that she could have got a filler shot on her lips so that her lips now look juicer.

When this plastic surgery information was verified to the actress, she freely denied that she had been under plastic cosmetic surgeon s knife to enhance her photo. She told that she hated procedures but she chose all-natural therapies to make her appearance look naturally gorgeous. Do people count on her if she really ages normally?

Some individuals know that her appearance now does not look all-natural since the modification of her appearance is shortly altered. That is why she has a fresh appearance and different look day by day. Her followers do not matter about her rumor in having cosmetic surgical procedure since they enjoy her charm as well as talent.

Mom’s Checklist For The Infant Nursery Probabilities are you’ll have a baby shower

but what do you inquire for? You can have issues customized if you currently know the intercourse and the nickname the infant. There are many retailers which only promote infant stuff.
Occasionally you even get to comb the infant’s hair and assist her get dressed after bathtime. And final but not the least, personalised toys are certainly the very best presents that you can give a kid.
Nothing beats the pleasure and enthusiasm of parents at the sight of their babies enjoying their bath time. Besides, not only the parents are the types enjoying the revelry. The babies just adore the drinking water and wouldn’t mind muddling on it for hours. This is especially the tub is so roomy and there is so a lot water. You can just envision all the enjoyable they are getting.

Another amazing centerpiece choice is a baby diaper cake. This cake won’t be served to the visitors for dessert, but this will do double purpose as a adorable centerpiece and a extremely sensible gift for the approaching baby. All you need are of course plenty of diapers, ribbon (for tying), adhesive tape, assorted adorable surprises – pacifiers, teething rings, combs, brushes, rattles, baby bibs, search how to start potty training toys, etc. – that will be inserted in each layer of the cake.

It is so easy to stage phrases out to our babies. It demands no extra preparing and preparation. It just requires that we are aware of words that are worth pointing out. When we see large words on the television, we can study them to our kids. When we study a tale, we can point and study the titles. If there are words in the book that are a fairly good dimension, we can stage to these phrases as we study them.

A baby nursery can be very creative, depending on your style. Today, numerous moms are considering a nursery primarily based on a particular theme. Having a concept is really a fantastic idea because it adds much more lifestyle and uniqueness to the room of your little one. And to pull the concept all together, you require to think about nursery items and supplies that reflect this kind of atmosphere you want. There are so numerous locations exactly where you can purchase all sorts of baby products, including stuff that are needed in your baby’s space. The available options arrive in all kinds of designs, colors, and of course themes. Thus, there’s nothing to be concerned about whether or not you are environment up a traditional or distinctive infant nursery.

This is when the timely prepared newborn checklist should assist them greatly. So, invest some time together with a husband and long term father and try to make a checklist of all the things a infant will require, allow’s say for the first month. Then expand it for the initial yr. Be ready and eager to listen to skilled people like grandparents simply because they truly can give you some useful pieces of advice.

I’ll close with an additional recommendation. Instead than thinking about your father’s alter in behavior, try to tap into the new Father. Ask the man if he’d like to do some thing with you. Go out to dinner or see a film. If he responds negatively to the recommendation, you’re no worse off than you were before. But if your father has become amenable to a nearer partnership with his son, then both of you should be more healthy and happier for it.

12. Pay attention to Songs with your infant prior to and after beginning and sing to him–Infants are frequently stimulated by songs and most infants love being jiggled about. A fun activity is to place on a favorite tune or sing.

Funny Utube Video Clips – Various Comic Movies To Make You Chuckle

Instead of garments, why don’t you give add-ons that they might use when they grow bigger. Only these kinds of clothes I will choose for my son as he goes to daycare. You can have little teddy bears as prizes for video games.

Therefore I started my lookup on the internet for inexpensive, high quality and durable clothes. But your kid requirements them and off to the shops you must go. We all want our infants to appear adorable with the up to date style.

Newborn infants usually bring joy and happiness to their households and buddies so in return everyone desires to welcome the small 1 into this globe with the most unforgettable gifts. You are in a position to consider advantage of this opportunity and make an impact by bringing the most considerate and incredible gifts. But opposite to what you may believe, you do not need to invest a fortune to ensure that the new child baby boy presents could be appreciated.

With so much in the way of buying opportunities for babies, it’s easy to find lots of cute things for your small man. As much as view web, you can find many issues to specific your unique style with your new bundle of pleasure. From the usually-in-fashion denim overalls to newer styles, you can select to shop in boutiques or bigger division stores for your new baby’s wardrobe. These days, you can discover designs that make your infant appear more like miniature adults than babies. The growing pattern of rock ‘n roll t-shirts and other funky items means you can keep your small man looking good no matter how small he is. There are also a variety of layette garments for the newborn boy.

They might come in a broad range of colours and hues. For example, you may see a shirt with cute infant animal prints or random slogan about a individual’s character and so on. As for designs, shirts arrive in vest tops, long sleeves, as a common t-shirt or a front-button 1.

One thing to appear for is size. You don’t want some thing that is way to tight. Appear on the tag and see if you can wash in cold drinking water. The stains will be simpler to arrive out. You need to choose colours like black or blue. Mild colors will display the stains more easily and gained’t clean out as nicely. We all want our infants to appear cute with the up to day style. With jeans you can purchase any type of shirts you like and everything will match. Overall jeans is also a great option. They have a wide selection to select from.

We all know of some parents who are a small much more “earth-friendly” than other people. These parents adore to recycle and use earth-friendly goods and are not ashamed to brag about it. For these parents, we have a special baby tee for them. The I Recycle Baby Sitters Infant Creeper is hilarious and cleverly developed. There is no doubt that their little one will be into recycling, but rather than paper and plastic, he will be recycling babysitters.

If you want your baby to go glam, and your fashion-alert alarm is buzzing correct now, you don’t have to settle for mass-created everyday wear that every other baby appears to be sporting. You can skip the fashion-starved looks that a clearance rack will bring, and steer clear of the ho-hum ba-humbug approach to dressing your infant. Rather than hop a crimson-eye to Paris or London, just to get adorable infant girl clothes or infant bloy clothes, you can store right from house.

Nowadays, clothes are available as per the age aspect. For instance, for children between -1 years, garments segment would be different from children who are of one-3 many years. You can get the perfect dimension and fashion that you are searching for. Mums and dads can select clothes that will be very comfy for their babies and will not hinder their totally free movements as nicely.

Proper Fitting Garments will usually make your infants smile all through the day. These days, fashion performs a extremely essential function in all our life, not only grownups but even infants and children are impacted by the style as the parents always want to dress up their kids in the best possible method. The designs which are accessible in the market these days mirror the bodily appearance of the children a lot. Every mother or father desires to dress up their infants in the funkiest way and thus these times baby boy garments are accessible these days to fit everyones needs and options.

Some Extra Last Minute Vacation Gifts For Coworkers

But for inventive-minded kids, that is just the beginning. He ought to be ashamed of what he’s doing to us. Coasters are a fun and functional craft to make. Before you settle on 1 particular camera, do some research.
The 24 pages in this established are designed for kids ages three through 5. After the flowers have dried pinch them in the center and assist children glue them to the crown. One egg container will yield 4 Halloween bats.
Nintendo’s Tremendous Mario Brothers has amazed 1000’s of children and even grownups around the world. The sport was launched in 1985 and has become the globe’s bestselling video game. With each other with Tetris and Pac-man, the game is no question the most influential game of all time. And simply because of its success, Mario Halloween costumes have been made.

Another fun concept to attempt with children are decorating Egg-formed cookies. Make your favorite batch of sugar cookies, I like Nestle Tollhouse, but Wegmans grocery shop makes a delicious sugar cookie dough (about $2.50 for each roll). Utilizing an egg formed reduce out, roll the dough on a flour-dusted surface area, reduce out and bake according the recipe. As soon as the cookies are carried out and at about space temperature, help the kids decorate with issues like Colored icing, royal sets tougher but butter cream or cream cheese primarily based taste much better. You can also add candies like jelly beans, pastel coloured white chocolate chips, sprinkles or even M & Ms. You can make and decorate two dozen cookies click for update about $9, with leftover icing and candies.

Kindles are fantastic. Instead of purchasing large print books that grandparents can easily read, they can get immediate downloads on the new graphite Kindle. Wifi enabled and 3G prepared, this is the Kindle really worth giving!

They arrive disassembled and store very easily. Picture a big, black box with a encounter produced from a sheer however durable white fabric, and you have a softbox. A softbox diffuses mild reducing hotspots and uneven lights in photos, and while lights is a science and never particularly “easy”, a softbox will give your photographer’s shots fantastic results right from the start. For a great instance of what I imply by that, see the image integrated with this article.

Try becoming the grim reaper. Not too exciting. But, if you go as the grim reaper of the year 2000, you could bring people back and remind them of what happened that year. You could have around millenium 2000 sun shades like the types sold in Times Square that yr on New Yr’s eve, and hand them out to others to put on. You could say that you are using individuals back again to that year.

Everyone who has kids will be able to relate to this good small poem by Valerie Salazar. Seems like what most parents want for Christmas is the chance to rest past five in the early morning.

These cute small snacks are extremely fragile. Use a decorating tube to pipe the icing into spider shapes on waxed paper. They are made from Royal Icing, which requirements to be used right absent since it hardens to a rocklike texture very quickly!

You are considering about marriage, but you ought to be considering about 50 many years of bath mats and toothbrushes from a selfish man. You want to maintain up your half, but exactly where is his half?

Motorcycle Shows Complete recharging requires two hours on the plug

Custom Lo and behold, even when I rolled my eyes I could only see just the barest little bit of the helmet to the sides. Opening Ceremony starts at 1:30PM and the race starts at 2PM.

I was there using digital photos in the freezing snow attempting to determine out what type of show this was. I do know I have better peripheral eyesight than most people. It’ll wash off when there’s time to wash the bike.
With a Really Good weather forecast this weekend, I hope numerous of you have a opportunity to get out and ride, or at least go to 1 of these occasions. I’ve been completely taking pleasure in the audio of motorcycles roaring by my house the previous few days – New York bikers are on the street and back in the wind !

Electric varieties are a small more cost-effective to operate, but will usually travel only about ten or fifteen miles before needing a recharge. Their battery capacity has improved significantly over the many years, but they cannot be taken for lengthy trips due to the fact that their batteries will need recharging periodically. However, for brief journeys about the metropolis they are fantastic small automobiles. Furthermore, most scooters have a large storage capability below the seat so they are ideal for journeys to the grocery shop or for other mild shopping sprees.

On show are every thing from hot rods, wild customs, low riders,rat rods,motorcycles,muscle cars, trucks, and restored classics. The vehicles are well lit and shown properly with wide isles leaving plenty of space to view the cars and consider photos. Take a look at the slide show. Nothing looks much better that a wild custom vehicle on show indoors below lights.

October tenth 2006 – the prototype idea XR1200 was revealed in the International motorcycle show in Cologne, Germany. It featured a 1200cc air cooled V-Twin exhaust with downdraft fuel injection.

I was there using electronic photos in the freezing snow trying to figure out what type of show this was. This was an intense snow show in Mt. Pleasant Michigan. It was a white out weekend and I was stranded at the Soaring Eagle Vacation resort. Jimmy Blaze and Crew were at hand performing some extreme sports activities. They experienced remodeled Yamaha ATV’s and Bikes and Kawasaki snowmobiles and were leaping off a huge grime mound. These guys had been traveling off that ramp at 60 MPH, and traveling at a regular 40 ft in the air. It was type of nerve racking. The bikes had been interesting simply because they had nails coming off the tires to hold traction on the ice monitor.

This pirate-themed pageant at the Garfield Ladner Municipal Pier, Seaside Boulevard at the finish of Coleman Avenue in Waveland, will be held from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday. This yr’s theme will be “The Pirates of the Mississippi Sount” and attributes the Carribean sounds of regional tropical rock, Parrot Head and island rythm bands from “along the Coconut Telegraph line from Florida to New Orleans.” There will be plenty of meals and arts and crafts.

Number one in security accessories should usually be to purchase a quality helmet that fulfills or exceeds authorities standards and that fits correctly. This is not the place to settle. Buy the best you can pay for. Helmets are accessible in numerous colours and lots of designs so you shouldn’t have trouble finding 1 that matches your bike.

Zucchinifest will be held at Memorial Park situated at 4175 Alum Creek Dr. in Obetz. 614-491-1080. Cleveland is 151 miles from Obetz and it is about a 2.5 hour generate.

Tips for Crowded Stores

Crowded Stores

You’re one of the many entrepreneurs in the field of the store. I here will talk a little about the store. You feel merchandise sold in the store is not maximized. Now you will no longer fret about your store. I will share tips on store business. How crowded stores and fast product sold.

Here I have to say a few quick tips on the store so that you can imitate my already crowded store first.

1. Product quality.
In terms of products, you have to control how incoming product filter your stores. is good for the buyer or not. With guaranteed quality product will create increased customer confidence and once again will be shopping at your store.

2. Comfort and Ease.
Convenience in shopping is possible for customers feel at home in your store. With a comfortable place then indirectly make customers feel like to buy. Easy to reach the place that the strategy is one of the factors of business success stores. so make sure you choose a store that has an easy place to reach customers

3. Promotion Internet
Various ways have been done but sometimes shopkeepers do not pay attention to the online marketplace remarkable effect. Now through belajar bisnis online, you can have a home or a luxury car. it is one of your motivation to develop online promotion that your store is getting crowded.

4. Latest Product Updates.
To enliven the customer a store, you always have the latest products in a minimum of one week. This will attract customers into the store you. post the latest products in front of the store so it looks from the outside as towing attention of prospective buyers.

Probably from the above 4 tips useful to enliven your store so that other time I can write back about how good store business. To end this paragraph allow me to simply introduce eo Yogyakarta as one of the business that I have. If you are interested to cooperate then please contact any available contact.

Developer Bags That Will certainly Style Next Year

Developer Bags That Will certainly Style Next Year – Exactly what are the developer bag styles that will keep others listened to the developer bag globe? There is an incredible selection of developer bag styles today that make certain to swipe your heart.

This is finest of Love Developer Bag Layouts that will certainly trend following year and also provide a brand-new interpretation to design as well as beauty.

They make developer bags that come in attractive shades, pusat tas grosir murah excellent surfaces as well as wonderful layouts. Whether it is a smooth clutch bag or a purse to keep your fundamentals in, they have it all to suit your one-of-a-kind and also individual design.

Developer Bags That Will certainly Style Next Year

MIDOU – Natural leather Bag, Cassie

One could easily utilize it as a shoulder bag or a lug bag as demand be. The large beauty of this bag makes it a preferred amongst lots of as well as you will most likely view this natural leather bag design being in style the following year.

BOYATU – Glimmer Clutch

A superior top quality material is utilized to develop this silver bag with high-end all-natural Bicast natural leather. The bag provides a innovative as well as modern-day appearance.

VANESSA HOGAN – Natalie Leather Tote, Pink

Great as well as all-natural natural leather have actually been made use of in combo with costs materials to provide form to this carry bag.  jasa konveksi tas This bag has a cotton cellular lining as well as a zipper, devices as well as cell phone pocket in the in.

KILIKILI – Akira Seeker Natural leather Pouch

This pouch is made from a hundred percent real natural leather and also is fantastic for outdoor camping as well as getaway functions. One could likewise utilize the zipper, cell phone and also devices pockets to keep points arranged.

If you require to conserve cash, you could get developer wholesale bags. Wholesale handbags are available on the web.

They generate developer bags that come in gorgeous shades, ideal surfaces as well as terrific styles. One could easily utilize it as a shoulder bag or a lug bag as requirement be. The large sophistication of this bag makes it a preferred amongst numerous as well as you will possibly view this natural leather bag design being in style the following year.

A superior high quality textile is utilized to develop this silver bag with high-end organic Bicast natural leather. Great and also all-natural natural leather have actually been utilized in mix with costs textiles to offer form to this lug bag.

Rest Safety and security

Most people do not think about the risks of sleeping. For babies it could be one of the most dangerous times of their life – particularly if their moms and dads are not educated on the appropriate sleeping positions, suffocation dangers, and other dangers in the baby crib. Moms and dads desire their kids to be secure, as well as in some cases listen from well-meaning friends and family that haven’t read the most current info concerning resting safety and also kids.

Even this information could end up being out of date. Always check with the National Institute of Health and wellness for the most updated security precautions you can take for your youngster’s protected rest. http://www.nih.gov/

like adventure

The child’s bed ought to have no bumpers, cushions, quilts or playthings inside it while the child is resting. On colder evenings put infant in pajamas with feet to make sure that he’ll be cozy. Infants who die in their baby crib normally pass away of suffocation from among these things. Babies will pull anything they could touch right into their mouths and also draw on it. An infant has very powerful drawing and also can strangle andPusat Herbal Pusat Grosir Herbal Pusat Obat Herbal grosirherbalonline.com also suffocate himself effortlessly with the right products.

Area babies to rest on their back. You can swaddle a baby that does not surrender yet tightly in a getting blanket, as long as it could not be rolled off or come off from organic movements of the infant. The area of the child’s bed need to be firm so that if the baby does hand over, they could still capture their breath as well as the product does not block their mouth and also nose.

The finest place for your child’s baby crib up until at the very least six to 12 months of age is in your room so that your infant is nearby. Don’t let your child sleep with you unless you acquire an accepted co-sleeping gadget that matches on the side of your bed.

In addition, do not smoke around your child. Smoking in the house has actually been shown to increase the threat of Sudden Little one Death Disorder (SIDS) and it’s merely ineffective. If you’re nursing, quit smoking. If you are not nursing, go outside to smoke away from the kids. It’s merely unworthy the repercussions. Additionally, never ever placed a pacifier or binky on a string if you opt to provide one to your child.

As your youngster gets older you can allow them to have a covering as well as a pillow, however just after 14 to 16 months old. Guarantee that the pillow and also blanket are lightweight. If your youngster is chilly, dress them warmer as well as turn the heat up. Once your child transfers to a kid bed, you could use regular coverings and also pillows, yet do use a safety and approved railing to keep your toddler from dropping.

When your child relocates to their very own area, and also their very own “matured” bed, it’s time to begin instructing kids concerning fire safetyGrosir Herbal Murah Grosir Obat Herbal grosirherbalonline.com and security as well as getting out of your house securely. This could begin as very early as 2 to 3 years of age.

For children it can be one of the most risky times of their life – particularly if their parents are not enlightened on the appropriate sleeping positions, suffocation threats, and also various other risks in the baby crib. The child’s bed need to have no bumpers, pillows, coverings or playthings inside it while the child is resting. The surface of the infant’s bed need to be strong so that if the child does turn over, they could still capture their breath as well as the product does not obstruct their mouth as well as nose.

The finest place for your child’s crib till at least six to 12 months of age is in your space so that your baby is nearby. Don’t permit your child sleep with you unless you buy an authorized co-sleeping tool that fits on the side of your bed.

Fire Safety

The very ideal fire security is fire avoidance. It’s important when food preparation, or beginning a fire in a fireplace, or utilizing a space heating unit, to consistently be mindful of the risks and practice clever security pointers.

Property Axes

Property fires are among one of the most been afraid and also ruining calamities a household could encounter. They can happen at any moment and also get out of command promptly. That’s why it is very important that the whole family is trained (where age proper) to utilize a fire extinguisher, and also how you can leave our home throughout a fire.

Fire Safety

Regular fire drills need to be the standard in a house full of kids. Kids that are trained ways to get to safety and security during a residence fire are much more most likely to survive than those who are not educated. Educate them if they catch their clothing on fire to quit, go down as well as roll.

Throughout daily life occasions, often folks are burned or heated. This can take place in the cooking area as well as in the shower room.

Kitchen areas

Constantly be additional mindful when steaming water or managing warm meals. Never open a warm meals container toward your face due to the fact that the stress will cause it to spit.


If your warm water is also hot, readjust it. It should not be set above 140 F with an anti-scale system installed to deliver the water at a lower temperature. You require the greater setting to prevent bacteria in the water heating system. Instruct kids which is very hot as well as which is cold and inform more youthful children not to transform the hot on without your help.

If you do obtain a scald or a burn, the best therapy is to run it under cool water. If you are severely burned, cover the burn with a clean cloth to avoid infection, as well as aim for immediate clinical attention. If your material is burned right into the skin, don’t remove it; aim for focus immediately. If a child has blisters from a scald it is most effectively to look for clinical interest.

Carbon monoxide gas

There is also a risk in your house that you might not recognize. It’s carbon monoxide gas. The trouble with this gas is that you can not smell it, and you will certainly not recognize it exists. A family members can die while sleeping considering that it will certainly cause migraines, lightheadedness, complication, queasiness and fainting. If you are in bed when this occurs you might not awaken to save on your own. This is why along with a smoke alarm set up in your house you should have a carbon monoxide gas detector, as well.

The extremely finest fire safety and security is fire avoidance. It’s vital when food preparation, or beginning a fire in a fire place, or making use of a room heating unit, to always be mindful of the dangers and also method wise security suggestions. That’s why it’s important that the entire household is educated (where age appropriate) to make use of a fire extinguisher, and also exactly how to obtain out of the home during a fire.

Routine fire drills need to be the norm in a house complete of children. Youngsters which are trained just how to obtain to safety and security throughout a home fire are considerably more most likely to make it through compared to those that are not trained.

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